Interior Design + Art Consultation

Why both? As the two cannot be separated, they are one, when a cohesive design scheme is achieved. When a space is thoughtfully designed, the furnishings, spatial consideration, light and unique works all intertwine to create a signature space, specific to your needs.



As an interior designer, my role is to guide you through the process by offering selections from high quality and bespoke resources, while securing optimal function. I bring a commitment to practical solutions, layering the interior. From your inspiration, the design aesthetic will be derived, just guided through professional project management, so you can enjoy living.



Art is a very personal acquisition. With several years experience acquiring all mediums of art for both residential and corporate collections, I will lead you through the process of researching, selecting, purchasing, framing and installing art, suitable to your aesthetic and investment. Through this transparent process, you will be confident of your final acquisitions.